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The Trusted Approach to Construction Management

Used by the industry for over three decades with consistent results

Easy to use, Job Costing and Project Tracking integrated ERP system. Improve accuracy, standardisation, and automation through Virtual Assistants Process, Estimating, CRM, Scheduling, Construction and Accounting Managers. 

Qanotix (Releases 2024)

QANOTIX is designed to provide users with a set Modules and Tools allowing for multilevel information distribution and effective implementation of a Quality Assurance System. The system is designed to capture, store, update and distribute information through the integration of coordinated databases in real time.

Organise and optimize construction management

SenterpriSYS is responsible for the development of ProjectDeRISK, a construction management software which has been used by Dixon Homes for over 30 years without a single annual loss. Designed for automated scheduling and rescheduling efficiency, it can standardize and control sales process, sales estimating, customer communications and automate décor and colour selections leading to reduction in errors and to improved margins. Subcontractor retention and construction times can be improved by critical path-based timeline templates, easily modifiable for inevitable variations. Poorly timed and incorrect material deliveries can also be reduced. Time saved by supervisors then may be used for additional inspections resulting in improved site safety, quality, and customers satisfaction and reduction in overhead costs.

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